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Alla Koren
Barrister & Solicitor
489 Worthington Avenue
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4E 4R6
Tel: (905) 780-1500
Fax: (905) 773-7906
Toll Free: 1-888-622-7673

February 20, 2018, 3:39 pm

Please forward all inquires to irina@allakoren.com
What to include in the email:

1) Full name
2) Telephone number or email address
3) Name of opposing party
4) What is the nature of your inquiry?

Before attending the first appointment, it may be helpful for you to be familiar with the kinds of questions that may be asked of you. You may wish to review or complete the intake form before arriving for your first appointment.

Not all questions in the intake form will be relevant to you. You may chose to provide some or none of the information prior to the first meeting with the lawyer.

Intake Form - Click Here to download. Please print the form and complete.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader Click Here.

What to bring with you to the first interview.
  • Copies of any court documents that apply to your case
  • Copies of all contracts (marriage contracts, separation agreements etc.) that you may have
  • Your picture I.D. driver's licence, passport, citizenship card
  • Any other documents that may be relevant to your case, for example, immigration sponsorship agreement
  • Income tax returns and notices of assessment for the past 3 years
  • Any form of communication received from the opposing lawyer
  • A list of your questions

How to prepare for the first interview:
  • It may be helpful to review and to start completing the financial statement, to gain a basic understanding of the requirements of that document
  • Make a list of your questions
  • Prepare a summary of all relevant dates (date of marriage, dates of birth of the spouses and children, dates of arrival to Canada, etc.)
  • Form of payment: We accept all forms of payment, except (uncertified) cheques.